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Found in Peru and other areas of South America. Alpaca camel wool is very fine and of yarn quality and so it is used for shawls, stoles and carpets.

Found in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gives light brown carpet wool that is coarse and is used for making carpets.


Cormo Argentino

Produces fine quality of white or coloured wool called mohair. Mohair is used in making carpets, scarves, winter hats, suits, sweaters, coats and socks.

Angora goats are not only beautiful to the eye, but as fiber goats, they're valuable to the touch. Kept under ideal conditions, these goats' durable and ...

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If at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished.

Dans la mouvance du développement durable, certains berger français proposent désormais leurs moutons à la


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Wool-Yielding Animals for Yarn and Fiber | Pinterest | Yarns, Knit crochet and Crochet

Herdy--interesting face color

Wool-Yielding Animals for Yarn and Fiber | Pinterest | Yarns, Knit crochet and Crochet



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got wool - the different kinds. So weird, my boyfriend and I were just discussing last night why Angora goats make Merino wool. Came from a animal.

Found in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab, India. Gives good quality of carpet wool that is used for making premium variety of carpets.

Wool and Other Animal Fibers

Found in Ladakh, Nepal and Sikkim in India and also in other parts of the world. The outer wool of Yak is rough whereas the inner wool is soft.

Animals That Give Us Wool - SIMPLY SHEEP - Craft Kits, Workshops, and Unique Creations Made From Recycled Wool and vintage Materials

How to Raise Wool Animals for Yarn

How Does Sheep Wool Turn Into Clothes? | Interesting Facts About Sheep

Wool could turn up in a variety of products if research shows the feasibility of doing

Gives coarse thick wool which is used in making carpets.

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The search has taken years, but they finally found what they were looking for in Southern France. For centuries shepherds have been guiding their flocks ...

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Find out words for sheep, goat, camel and yak in your local language and also in other languages of our country.



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2. Merino

... hair cut or your father shaves his beard. Do you know why? The uppermost layer of the skin is dead. Also, the hair of sheep grow again just as your hair ...

Superfine Merino wool is of excellent color, soft handling and dense, with a fiber diameter of 18 microns. Staple length is about 70mm

In this Monday, Feb. 12, 2018 photo, A lamb feeds from its mother in a pen at the Imperial Stock Ranch in Shaniko, Ore. The sheep spend most of the year ...

The yarn is spun from gelatin, which is made from the skin, bones, and tendons of livestock.Functional Materials Laboratory ...

The fiber produced by musk oxen is called qiviut, an Inuktitut word, and it is knitter's gold. This is an animal that lives in the Arctic and survived the ...

Angora goats can be raised in a variety of colors.

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Slide - 5; 5. Mohairandcashmere comefromgoats.

Sheep Shearing for wool

8. Match the words of Column I with those given in Column II:

Creating Biocompatible Yarn from Animal By-Products - An Interview with Professor Stark


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... 2018RAVI PRAKASH SINGH 14; 15. Fleece and Wool bearing animals ...

... 2018RAVI PRAKASH SINGH 43; 44.


9. Given below is a crossword puzzle based on this lesson. Use hints to fill in the blank spaces with letters that complete the words.

Dorper sheep


... remains popular for its beauty, skin and appeal. They lack the outer coat and have a thinner, fine fleece. They are highly used for hides and wool.

Romney wool is of variable quality and often coarse. Texture is hard. Staple length is often lacking in sharp crimp formation. Length is 150-200mm.

WOOL ...

Cashmere Goat at Wales

... starting an alpaca farm or are a seasoned rancher the question is always the same. What do you do with all that fleece?! I'm surprised to find that many ...

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ANIMAL FIBRES Thursday ...

... Annual Local Yarn Store (LYS) Day! We'll be joining hundreds of brick and mortar shops across the US to bring together our unique community of knitters ...

Functional Materials Laboratory Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering ETH Zürich

... 2018RAVI PRAKASH SINGH 42; 43.

Two freshly shaved alpacas stand on a green field at Alpaca-Land farm in Goeming


This year we are hosting two lovely and different yarns – Rosy Green Wool and Crave Yarn. Read on to learn more about what we'll be featuring for Rosy Green ...

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Using industrial ...

Shearing of alpaca is done once every year or two, depending upon the health of the animals, the quality of the fleece, and the intended purpose of the ...

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