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Breed-based laws are a dying trend - find out how you can fight them in your community.

Why Breed Specific Legislation Against Pit Bulls Should Tick You Off—Even if You Don't Own a Pit

There has been significant research showing that Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is not effective at reducing dog bites. Moreover, it breaks up families, ...

End Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Canada

Hank is the victim of a law that makes a life or death decision based on breed and not on temperament. If it is determined by an 'expert' that Hank is a ...

I'm not a pittie owner, but am a BSL opponent

(Breed Specific Legislation) AKA- Bull Sh** Legislation! | Pinterest | Bsl, Breed specific legislation and Dog

I too want an end to breed-specific laws. Every pit bull type dog I've ever known personally was a big baby. They want to get in your lap, people, not kill ...

Breed-specific legislation, commonly referred to as BSL, bans certain dogs based on their appearance and characteristics classifying them as “dangerous ...

We agree wholeheartedly with what they say – after all, we own 2 very loving bull breeds, as you've read on my blog, and seen from my photos.

President Obama comes out against Breed Specific Legislation

Image: Campaign sign against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

If You Think Breed Specific Legislation Can't Ever Effect You And Your Dog Breed. Check This List Of 75 Restricted Breeds. Because I am a pitbull owner and ...

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Breed-Specific Legislation

BSL takes healthy, happy dogs from loving, responsible homes. END Breed Specific Legislation! I don't own a pit bull but would if I could.

10 Facts About Breed-Specific Legislation and How You Can Help Stop It - One Green Planet

Please Sign The Petition To End BSL HERE

UK Dog Breed Specific Legislation Is Discriminatory, Ineffective And Should End Now

BSL is Bad, Senseless Lawmaking. Breed specific laws ...

Amend the law banning breed specific dogs. Fines and euthanasia of innocent, non aggressive animals must end. Changer la loi interdisant chiens de races ...

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Family dog Hank has been confiscated by police for “looking like a pit bull"

Anti-Breed-Specific Legislation by State: States with Provisions Against Breed-Discriminatory Legislation

Archie a BSL dog

Petitions are circulating for a ballot measure to end Minot's breed-specific law after the Minot City Council voted 1-6 Wednesday against repeal of a ...

Breed-Specific Legislation FAQ

Breed-Specific Legislation Now Illegal in Massachusetts

Breed-specific legislation: a look at the evidence

About BSL. Take Action Against Breed Specific Legislation. “

Supporting #HaveaHeart and sending a Valentine's card to DEFRA asking them to repal BSL is a different, fun and positive way of making voices heard."


What can you do about BSL?


Save Pitbulls Tee, I'm More afraid of your ignorance than you are of

breed specific laws are always a death sentence stop BSL now

Dear PETA: Dogs Respond To PETA Joining Terrible Anti-Pit Bull Coalition | HuffPost

This new and dedicated dog owner told K9 Magazine, "I was afraid of the breed due to the media articles etc and how it's all changed because I decided to ...

WHO: BSL is typically enacted by policy makers and can affect any breed of dog. Breeds of dogs usually affected by BSL are American Staffordshire Terrier, ...



It’s Time to End Breed-Specific Legislation Like the Montreal Pit

Ban ignorance, not breeds! Stop BSL. See more. Pitbull fact.

Stop breed specific legislation against bully breeds

There are no Bad Breeds ...

The Anti Breedism Alliance. Advocates against Breed Specific Legislations ( BSL)

... a Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). At the City Council Meeting on Monday, December 11, council members will either repeal the ban or send it to the ...

Vote NO on Breed Specific legislation!

The President of the United States: End BSL(Breed Specific Legislation) in the United States

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... pit demon

Image courtesy of [Marcelo César Augusto Romeo via Flickr]

Breed Specific Legislation (“BSL”) is, essentially, efforts used to restrict, ban and/or eliminate certain types of dogs, purebred or mixed.

These States Have Taken A Stand Against Breed-Specific Legislation

breed specific dog laws

Welcome to my page abouts BSL (breed specific legislation). It's kind of a work in pawgress and we're gonna add more to it soon. But in the meantime, ...

End BSL (breed specific legislation)!

We at Coburnett Obedience Training are strongly opposed to breed specific legislation (BSL), the unfortunate tendency of agencies at all levels of ...



Responsible ownership prevents dog bites - Breed does not predict behavior

New York Landlords Can't Ban Pit Bulls if This Law Passes

VOTE NO on BSL -- Pass tougher laws so the true animals are put in a cage!

Elizabeth's Breed Specific Legislation and Other Anti-Animal Laws

The problem aren't dogs called pit bulls. “

Breed specific legislation has been proven not to work and yet it still gets approved.

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BSL & Pit Bulls

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How To Identify Legitimate Dog Articles

[The Pooch in Question]([Imgur](\)) ...

Lidia Loukine says this pit bull-type dog terrified her and her children in their own backyard. The city wouldn't enforce the province's pit bull ban, ...

Breed-Specific Legislation

On October 15, 2004, Michael Bryant, Attorney General of Ontario, announced that Breed Specific Legislation (“BSL”) was coming to the Province of Ontario.

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The history of banning certain breeds of dogs in the USA started in 1989 in Denver Colorado. Since then it has spread to many cites, states, ...

Pitbulls really aren't the monsters you think they are. They are better family pets than chihuahuas for sure. More bites have been reported from chihuahuas ...

... and say Sky has been persecuted under breed specific legislation - all because she looks the wrong shape and size, not because she has ever acted badly.

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The new law sets aside California's long-standing ban on breed-specific legislation, BSL - laws that allow breed discrimination of the type recently ...

Pitbulls are a classification of dog breeds --- there's more than one kind. Educate yourself. End BSL (Breed Specific Legislation.)

How Breed Specific Legislation Affects Dog Owners


After more than a year of hard work, we're finally able to announce a big win against Breed Specific Legislation in the state of New South Wales.

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Local communities wouldn't be able to ban breeds of dogs under legislation approved by

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BSL - Ellie

Rocco, a Pit Bull with Personality, is Helping Rally Against Breed Specific Legislation


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adopt rescue pets - Ban Stupid People, Not Dogs. Stop Breed Specific Legislation BSL