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Cherry Tree Scenery by Mochizuki Saku

Anime will sometimes take this further, putting a body beneath a cherry blossom and turning the petals a deep red.

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Cherry blossom in Japan. Such a beautiful time to visit such an amazing country!

I agree that the picture we use should indicate the romantic and Scenery Porn aspects of the trope rather than just being shots of cherry blossoms.

... Cherry Blossoms. Eddy 08/06/17. ···················

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In some anime you see lots of places that have cherry blossoms in the background. I don't know what other people see when watching anime, but not only do I ...

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The beautiful blossoms of the sakura tree are a universal sign spring. In anime/manga there are several symbolic meanings of Sakura.

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“What if you were sitting under the tree and all the leaves fell off at the same time, do you think you'd die-“ “Please stop ruining the moment”

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Imagen anime original miyai haruki tall image short hair looking at viewer brown hair fringe smile brown eyes standing japanese clothes traditional clothes ...

anime girl in uniform sitting on bench, with a beautiful sakura standing beside her. The petals flowing in the spring's breeze. Wow that looks like me and I ...

Publish kawaii Anime pics and invite your friends! Publica lindas imagenes de Anime e invita a tus amigos! Find this Pin and more on sakura ...

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Path, Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto, Japan Bucket list: to walk down a sidewalk surrounded with cherry blossom trees

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pretty white blossoms with purple and blue tints and background. Find this Pin and more on sakura (Anime) ...

And as I stood and gazed up, I could see the delicate droplets of dew snuggled between the delicate pink folds of the cherry blossoms.

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Oreki is taken aback once again, but not from himself, but from the beautiful sight of Chitanda being enveloped by the cherry blossom pedals.

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It's been said cherry blossom petals fall at 5 cm per second ...

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... sakura must be femininity. Nothing ...

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A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry Tree, Prunus serrulata. The blossoms are referred ...

10 Best Cherry Blossoms in and around Shinjuku for Beautiful Sakura!

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A new key visual has been revealed for Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai ("I Want to Eat Your Pancreas"), an upcoming theatrical anime film based on the 2015 novel ...


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... anime shows cherry blossoms trees frequently and it's a very beautiful seen. #AACherryBlossomFestival · #OuranHighschoolHostClub

Some pictures of pretty pink Cherry Blossoms I took last weekend at a Hanami party in Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo. I can't believe this will be my 6th Spring in ...

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Regardless of whether cherry blossom trees bloom in-season or out, the fact remains that cherry blossom petals are falling for observers to enjoy.

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Cherry trees bloom in early spring, usually in the month of April, but the white-to-coral petals shed and rot very quickly and the peak bloom is only a week ...

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I just need a 2d character to be drawn in and it's a scene from an Anime! Or get 2 idol celebrities and it'd be a movie scene! Aren't they gorgeous?

A man takes a photo of a cherry tree in full bloom Thursday evening at Ueno

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South Korean media wants the world to know that “cherry blossoms originated there” | SoraNews24

21 Of The Most Beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom Photos Of 2014 | Bored Panda

Mega Guide: The Best Spots to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

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