Check Out the Flashy Lightning Mapper on NOAA39s Weather


This image shows lightning data captured on February 14, 2017 over the course of an

Check Out the Flashy Lightning Mapper on NOAA's Weather Satellite | WIRED

Lightning breaks during a thunderstorm in the Pakistani capital Islamabad on June 1, 2016

This GOES East GLM imagery shows a high concentration of lightning flashes over the Northern Plains on June 11, 2018. Credit: NOAA Virtual Lab.

GOES-R is a geostationary weather satellite, positioned in a very special orbit over the equator at 22, 300 miles above the equator.

Screen capture off a web camera in Hansville, Wash. that shows a lightning during a thunderstorm early Friday morning. (Photo courtesy: Greg Johnson, ...

Photo of multiple cloud to ground lightning strikes

New satellite to warn of severe weather by watching lightning

NLDN 2008-2017 Flash Density Map sq mi

lightning strike. “

Could Lightning Provide Earlier Tornado Warnings?

[This GOES East imagery shows the number of lightning flashes per minute over South Florida on July 10, 2018.]

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AviMet® Automated Weather Observing System AWOS

Lightning mapped within a giant complex of thunderstorms

GOES-R Primary Capabilities: Visual and Infrared Imagery, Lightning Mapping, Solar Imaging

Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS)

Lightning storm

Artistic rendition of GOES-R, NOAA's next-generation geostationary weather satellite.

NASA ...



The Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) consists of a sensor unit (SU) and electronics unit (EU). An engineering development unit prototype was developed ...

This image shows the Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) as it prepares to undergo vibration

Lightning crashes

New Technology Allows Better Extreme Weather Forecasts

Scientists have discovered the #GOESEast #lightning mapper detected several 'fireball' #meteors in our skies last year, some of them brighter than the full ...


graphic with text and images in aqua

NASA scientists hope to provide answers to some questions about lightning.

Can We Predict Lightning?

Conceptual model of a model forecast system

May 10, 2005, A Grand Island supercell. Mike said: "I watched Lightning ...

Millions ...


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Closeup look at Hurricane Irma's eye, acquired by the GOES-16 weather satellite. (Source: RAMMB/CIRA)

3-EES3-1 Make a claim about the merit of a design solution that reduces the impacts of a weather-related hazard. [Clarification Statement: Examples of ...

New Lightning Imaging Sensor to be Installed on the International Space Station | Earthdata

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DISCUSSION: Scattered showers are in the area, and have started to become a nuisance to many California residents as a low-pressure system makes its way ...

850mb temps are not as hot as I'd like to see for PDX hitting 100, currently around +20 to +21 over Salem. It's a stretch to get that hot down here at ...

Typical 0-6-hour nowcasting products for the general .


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Image above: GOLD and ICON are teaming up to explore Earth's interface to space — a little-understood area that's close to home but historically hard to ...


Northeast and mid-Atlantic face flash floods

ISS LIS integration

Stormtracker59 Predictor

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Spider Lightning Flash via Satellite

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Perfect weather this weekend, but chilly temps ahead

Northwest Georgia Severe Weather Team

World's First Seasonal Lightning Forecast

Figure 16: This map shows the annual average number of lightning flashes in India from 1998–2013. The visualization was made from data acquired by the LIS ...

Radar Oklahoma City Tulsa Vance AFB Frederick

GOES-1 was launched 40 years ago today, on October 16, 1975 Credit

RE100 leading the way on sustainable energy for all

SUVI Installed on GOES-R Satellite

Check out this pretty double rainbow after #monsoon rain near D hill in #Douglas!

Views worth losing your head for. #9WX Weather


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10 day weather forecast

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Fires in Manitoba, Canada ';

Product 14722 product shots1 image Product 14722 product shots2 image ...

Dramatic videos show massive flash flooding in Prescott Valley, Flagstaff


A curious polar bear standing on sea ice checks out the Lance during N-ICE2015

... is set for 7:39am EDT (1139 GMT). Ariane 5 coverage: …

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two men in a desert with instruments


The instrument probes the weather layer down to 30 to 45 miles (50 to 70 kilometers) below Jupiter's cloud tops.

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Because Earth is tilted on its axis, there are only two days a year when the sun shines down exactly over the equator, and the day/night line – called the ...

Dust storm triggers weather warning south of Phoenix, pockets of heavy rains fire up

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With live view, clearly laid out data visualizations, dynamic compass view, weather forecasts, and a shadow calculator, among other features, ...


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Regional Satellite & Radar


Is it Time for a Joint Replacement?

Launch of the Atlas V with GOES-R from Launch Pad 41 at 6: